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KMC doesn’t heed Development Authority’s directive on building code

Kathmandu, February 5 In another apparent example of the tussle with the Kathmandu Valley Development Authority, the capital city’s local government has apparently rejected the Authority’s directive to correct its building code. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City did not take any initiative to correct the code though the Authority on January 20 had issued a 15 […]

Kathmandu city wants Valley Development Authority scrapped

Kathmandu, January 28 The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has demanded that the government scrap the Kathmandu Valley Development Authority as the city government’s jurisdiction and that of the Authority clash. The city government’s spokesperson Ishwar Man Dangol says the new constitution and subsequent laws have empowered the local governments to solve most problems at the local […]

Kathmandu city gives momentum to beautification drive

Kathmandu, January 11 The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has accelerated its drive for city beautification by managing rampantly placed wires and cables alongside the streets. According to KMC Spokesperson Ishwor Man Dangol, the city beautification drive is emphatically gaining momentum now though it was initiated in November 2017. “The wires and cables installed by different agencies […]

Capital city’s mayor will be above chief secretary in the govt’s new pecking order

Kathmandu, January 6 The federal government is preparing to amend the existing pecking order, according to which the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the country’s capital city, will get a higher rank than the chief secretary of the federal government. The government has started preparations for the revision after elected representatives of local and provincial […]

Two ‘mobile’ overhead bridges in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, December 6 The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is installing two overhead bridges in two of the busiest crossings of the city, namely Maitighar and Chabahil. The local government says the bridges will be movable; hence it can relocate them wherever necessary. The construction works have already begun in front of the Supreme Court in Maitighar. […]

Kathmandu city installs 12 smart solar dustbins; more soon

Kathmandu, November 27 The Kathmandu Metropolitan City recently installed 12 smart solar dustbins along Maitighar-Baneshwor road. The local government says more such dustbins will be installed in different parts of the city soon. The programme is launched under the Public-Private Partnership Division of the local government. In the next phase, the bins will be installed […]