Over 200,000 taxpayers do not pay taxes regularly at KMC

Kathmandu, February 29

It has been found that around 200,000 taxpayers are not regularly paying taxes at the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

A total of 312,000 taxpayers are registered at the metropolis and 200,000 taxpayers are not regularly paying tax.

About 100,000 taxpayers are among those showing reluctance to pay rent-related taxes. Similarly, the number of taxpayers found unwilling to pay business tax, entertainment tax and advertisement tax exceeds 100,000, said the city’s Revenue Department Chief, Dhruv Kafle.

According to him, the KMC is preparing to bring the unregistered taxpayers of all categories to the process by regularly monitoring from this month onward to increase tax compliance.

Kafle said that arrears amounting to Rs 2 billion are yet to be recovered from the registered taxpayers at KMC. The dues have remained for the last 12 years, KMC sources said.

The metropolis had set an annual revenue target of Rs 10.80 billion for the current fiscal year. It has so far been able to collect only Rs 5.80 billion in the first eight months of the current fiscal year.

Though its revenue collection status was found satisfactory till the first six months of the fiscal year, KMC’s revenue in the last month (mid-January to mid-February, 2024) has dropped compared to other months.

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