KMC urges institutional schools to keep their names reflecting Nepali identity

The Kathmandu metropolitan city central office
The Kathmandu Metropolitan City Central office

Kathmandu, April 4

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), Education Department has urged the institutional schools under the metropolis to name the schools embodying the Nepali identity.

Issuing a public notice on Wednesday, the Education Department asked the institutional schools for the same. It reminded that Rule 154 (1) of Education Regulations, 2059 (with amendment) and Rule (70) of KMC School Education Management Regulation, 2074 have the provision that schools should be named, reflecting the Nepali identity.

The Department also directed such institutional schools under the KMC to contact the KMC Education Department within seven days, saying the names of most institutional schools are found against this provision.

The notice reads that legal processes could be forwarded as per the law like prohibiting the student admission process if a process to naming the school reflecting Nepali identity is not adopted contacting the Department within a week.

The Department asked such institutional schools to file applications at the KMC within 35 days of deciding the name from the school management committee.

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