Writ petition demands Bamdev Gautam blocked from becoming minister

File: Bamdev Gautam

Kathmandu, September 21

The Supreme Court has received a writ petition that has demanded that the government decision to appoint ruling Nepal Communist Party’s vice-chairman Bamdev Gautam as a National Assembly member be revoked.

Further, the petition filed by senior advocate Dinesh Tripathi has demanded that the apex court issue an interim order to bar Gautam from becoming a minister, claiming preparations are underway to induct him into the cabinet.

Tripathi has claimed Gautam’s appointment as a lawmaker has breached the constitution, and it is likely to cause serious damage to the constitutional system. Therefore, he should be barred from working as a lawmaker until the final verdict is made on the case, according to him.

In additional, Tripathi has demanded that the government formulate criteria about qualifications of the people who could be appointed as National Assembly members.

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