Waterfowl census begins in Nepal

Asakote bakulla/ Indian pond heron (Ardeola grayii). Photo: Aryan Dhimal

Kathmandu, January 3

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, in coordination with the Bird Conservation Nepal and organisations that work on the conservation of wildlife in the country, have begun the counting of waterfowls/waterbirds in Nepali wetlands from Saturday. The counting will include birds that comfortable on the water and are dependent on it.

They are being assisted by the Wetlands International, which has been globally coordinating the waterbird census since its formation.

There have been reports about a rise in migratory birds in the rivers, lakes and wetlands in various parts of the country. And, the objective of the survey is to find out the types of birds found in Nepal and differentiate them from the birds that migrate to the country during the winter.

The counting that started on January 2 will conclude on January 18. Around 300 personnel have been mobilised for the project, inform officials.

The Coordinator of the census, Hem Sagar Baral, says that another objective of the census is to raise awareness amongst the public about these birds. And for the same, he says, they will involve people from the local communities in the project.

The waterbird census, which began at Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve and Shuklaphanta National Park on Saturday, will be conducted in more than 60 wetlands, lakes, ponds and rivers throughout the country.

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