UML lawmaker ‘snatches’ oxygen cylinders donated by China ‘for her district’

File: Ganga Chaudhary

Kathmandu, May 16

A lawmaker of the ruling CPN-UML has been accused of ‘snatching’ five oxygen cylinders donated by the Chinese government to Nepal, claiming she would provide them to an isolation centre in her home district.

Ganga Chaudhary says she is providing those cylinders to the Lamahi isolation centre in the Dang district.

Earlier, a video had gone viral on social media that shows people shouting in front of her residence in Kathmandu, saying she has hoarded the cylinders donated by China misusing her political connections.

But, Chaudhary says, “Yes, I looted the property given by the state for the sake of the public. But, this is not for me, for the Lamahi hospital. I am going to Dang today itself to drop these cylinders.”

Chaudhary says some youth had come to her house in their bid to tarnish the government’s image, but they failed as she showed various documents proving they were meant for an isolation centre.

The lawmaker claims she continues to make efforts to provide oxygen cylinders and other essentials to the districts hard hit by the pandemic.

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