UML feud: Madhav Nepal-loyal lawmakers to boycott PM’s confidence vote today

L-R: Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhala Nath Khanal

Kathmandu, May 10

The Madhav Kumar Nepal faction of the ruling Nepal Communist Party has decided to boycott the House of Representatives meeting scheduled for this afternoon to conduct a voting in PM’s motion for the vote of confidence.

Although it was speculated that the lawmakers in the faction were preparing to resign, they decided that boycotting the meeting today would be enough to show their difference now, leader Bhim Rawal told journalists after the meeting.

On Sunday, the UML parliamentary party led by Oli has issued a whip urging the lawmakers to vote in favour of the PM, but Rawal said that instruction was illegetimate with Oli violating the party statute repeatedly.

Oli requires 136 votes to continue his position and his party has only 121 lawmakers. With over 20 lawmakers boycotting the meeting today and no other party supporting him officially, Oli is certain to lose his position today. However, the next course of action is not certain yet with the opposition faction also lacking a majority command.

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