Tribhuvan University, you have wasted my time. Can you give it back?

Tribhuvan University

Time and time again, Tribhuvan University’s (TU) administration has neglected its students like they are nothing but names on a piece of paper. The university has frustrated many people like me and it is honestly about time the university changed itself.

The treatment the students have received has been highly concerning. It often feels as though the university is being run by toddlers, lacking the maturity and professionalism expected in such a setting. This situation has become increasingly overwhelming and difficult to endure, reaching a point where it has become almost unbearable.

It is wrong to sit idle as the students continue to suffer due to Tribhuvan University. How can a four-year degree, which was supposed to end last year, still be running? How can the university discard its students?

While all this is happening, many chose to remain silent as the lives of the university’s students have turned into a mere joke.

Where is the solution to these main problems?

The current state of the management department can only be described as disappointing. The inefficiency and lack of organisation within the department have resulted in exams not taking place on time. Such prolonged delays not only hinder the educational progress of students but also undermine the credibility and effectiveness of the curriculum itself.

It is disheartening to witness that Tribhuvan University-affiliated university campuses, which are often assumed to provide better education, have devolved into mere factories of emptiness and waste of valuable time and effort. The state of these campuses can be seen by the level of teachers they hire as most do not come and take classes.

There appears to be a concerning lack of communication and coordination between Tribhuvan University’s affiliates and the faculty of management, despite being part of the same government and management structure.

All of this is fine until when?

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Tribhuvan University central office. Photo: Shankar Giri

Before enrolling at Tribhuvan University, every student is aware of the problems at the university. They know what they are signing up for. However, when weighing the pros and cons, many concluded that despite the existing issues, Tribhuvan University is still a viable option.

However, as the famous quote goes, these optimistic expectations turned out to be nothing more than their ill-fated famous last words:

“All of this is hopefully fine as long as I teach myself and let myself study. All of this is hopefully fine as long as I have a better chance of acquiring a Lok Sewa post in the future because perhaps they will prefer a government college more than a private one. All of this is fine.”

All of us students accept the problems and hardships, believing that as long as we remained silent and complacent, we could endure them. However, a change has come over me. I find myself no longer willing to settle for just accepting the bare minimum.

Everything else is tolerable — the management, the curriculum, the negligent handling of students, all of it is fine and all of it is something I and we can tolerate and have been tolerating.

But what frustrates me is we do not get the bare minimum. When I hear students from other universities say they completed their four-year course in four years, that frustrates me. The university does not offer its students the bare minimum and that I cannot tolerate.

Where did all the time go?

A year has the potential to mark a significant turning point in one’s life. A good year can make a person, a bad one and destroy them. Imagine what two years can do as it might take away some life-changing opportunities from a person. So I want to ask Tribhuvan University, can you give the time that you wasted back?

The treatment that students have received from Tribhuvan University, is deeply distressing. The suffering experienced by current and past students should not be ignored. It is crucial to acknowledge these issues and work towards bringing about positive change within the university system.

It is a universal truth that time and tide wait for no one and time is valuable. So why is Nepal’s oldest university, which has taken the responsibility to educate and guide students towards the future, holding them back? How long will it continue to waste people’s time?

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