Who all are taking part in international Buddhist conference in Nepal?


Kathmandu, May 17

Twenty-three countries are sending their representatives at the international Buddhist conference that the KP Sharma Oli government is organising shortly in Kathmandu and Lumbini. Nepal is organising the conference coinciding with the 2560th Buddha Jayanti.

Sri Lankan and Thai tourism ministers are attending the conference. Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Ananda Prasad Pokharel, said they have information that a five-member government delegation from India will attend the conference. But the Embassy of India has not disclosed the names of the Indian representatives.

China is sending a 26-member delegation under vice-president of the Chinese Buddhist Association, according to Minister Pokharel.

Earlier, there were rumours that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China’s President Xi Jinping were attending the conference. But it’s confirmed now that they are not coming. Minister Pokharel said a delegation from Lithuania will also take part in the conference.

Apart from government delegates, 500 Buddhist monks are also attending, Pokharel informed. A total of 2,000 monks from Nepal and other countries will visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Shakyamuni Buddha, for the conference.

A total of 500 people will take part in an international conference that the government is organising on May 19 and 20 in Kathmandu. On May 21, the government is organising a massive Buddha Jayanti programme to let the world know that Buddhist philosophy originated in Lumbini.

“Buddhist philosophy originated in Lumbini, and Lumbini should be the international centre of this philosophy,” Pokharel said, adding: We want to establish this agenda through the international conference.

On the first day of the conference, the organisers will show Buddha-related films and organise cultural programmes at Soaltee Hotel.

The organisers plan to hold discussions on developing an international Buddhist circuit with Lumbini at the centre.

He said the government is providing free and on-arrival visas to guests attending the conference.


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