Take action against Lokman, but don’t spare other corrupt political figures, says Baburam Bhattarai


Hong Kong, October 30

Naya Shakti Nepal Coordinator Baburam Bhattarai said on Sunday that not only Lokman (CIAA Chief Commissioner Lokman Singh Karki) but other corrupt figures from political parties and other walks of life shold also face punishment.

Bhattarai, speaking at an interaction in Hong Kong, stressed the need to push forth corruption cases against political leaders, who are under the purview of CIAA investigations.

He added: I don’t say that Lokman is right, the sovereign Parliament has already started proceedings against him. But there’s a need to settle corruption cases that CIAA has filed.

Bhattarai said: An apex constitutional agency like CIAA should not have representatives of political parties as its officials.

In Nepal, politics has turned into a centre of corruption, Bhattarai said, adding that national prosperity is impossible without addressing this issue.

There’s a need to turn politics into an institution that serves the people, he said, adding that his party is preparing to constitute an independent discipline commission and powerful Lokpal for controlling corruption within the party.

He said Nepal can draw benefit from two big neighbours by maintaining balanced relations. Our ancestors struggled a lot safeguard national independence, Bhattarai said, stressing the need to maintain this independence.

By extending its road networks, China may be wanting to expand its market, he said, adding: But we can draw benefits from this initiative. By acting as a link between the two huge markets — China and India — and by bringing in big investors, Nepal can develop itself like Hong Kong, he said.

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