Sushant KC’s Atteri sheds light on Nepalis’ desperate pursuit of a life abroad

Kathmandu, September 10

Singer/songwriter Sushant KC released his new single, Atteri on September 9.

KC, who is known for his romantic songs, has portrayed a different aspect of Nepali lives through the song and its video.

Atteri’s video portrays the challenges faced by people in Nepal, where leaving the country becomes a necessary step for a brighter future for some, and a means of basic survival for many.

This story illustrates the hardships people in Nepal go through every day.

“As a person who spent five years of my student life abroad, I have witnessed the hardship that we Nepalis go through to balance our lives. I wish that everyone has more strength in doing what they do and hope for all my brothers and sisters abroad to have better lives,” said KC.

The video is conceptualised by the director, Nayan Rai and has been produced by Stellar Studio.

“As we prepare for our international tours in 2024, both I and every member of the band, The Bangers, have been moved to near tears while rehearsing this song in our practice room,” said KC who adds he hopes people will give the song the same love they gave Sarangi and Risaune Bhaye.

The song will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital streaming platforms soon.

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