Shey-Phoksundo National Park to count Himalayan blue sheep

Himalayan blue sheep are seen on the hill in Ngisyang rural municipality of Manang. Photo: RSS

Dolpa, November 8

Shey-Phoksundo National Park, the biggest national park in Nepal, is counting the Himalayan blue sheep also called ‘naur’.

This protected animal is the major prey of snow leopard, another endangered animal.

The count would be conducted with the ‘double observer’ method, according to the park office. The count begins from various six blocs including Jagdulla, Phoksundo, and Saldang of the park.

It is said the teams having 65 persons in total would be mobilised for the count. The team will have representatives from the park, buffer zone consumers committee, poaching control committee, World Wildlife Fund and snow leopard conservation committee.

Park’s Chief Conservation Officer Saroj Mani Paudel informs that the naur count would give knowledge on the condition of both snow leopards and naurs in the park.

The count of the protected animal is conducted every year. It helps formulate security and conservation strategy for the park, he adds.

Special training will be provided to the team being mobilised for the count.

The team visits 1,377 square km for enumerating the Himalayan blue sheep. It departs for the enumeration in a day or two, according to Paudel. The 2019 census had recorded 4,136 naurs while in 2018, the number stood at 2,702.

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