Rhino found dead in Chitwan National Park

Sketch for representation only: A dead rhinoceros rhino calves
Sketch for representation only: A dead rhinoceros

Chitwan, September 3

A rhino was found dead in the Chitwan National Park.

The rhino is suspected to have been killed by poachers as its horn and hooves were found nearby, said the national park’s information officer Ganesh Prasad Tiwari.

A patrolling team found the horn and hooves in the inner part of the Malli post, he said. The rhino might have been killed around seven months ago, he said.

“The gender and age of the rhino have not been established yet. Its horn and hooves, and the skeleton were found two days ago. An investigation is ongoing,” he said.

Twenty-two rhinos have died in Chitwan National Park in the last year.

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