Rabindra Mishra: Let’s abolish federalism, hold a referendum on secularism

File: Rabindra Mishra, the chief of Bibeksheel Sajha Party
File: Rabindra Mishra

Kathmandu, July 26

Bibeksheel Nepal Party President Rabindra Mishra has proposed abolishing federalism and holding a referendum on secularism to change the course of the country’s politics.

Mishra clarifies this is a completely personal proposition.

Publishing his proposal on his personal website, Mishra says, “It is already late to understand, let us do it now: federalism in Nepal is not going to evolve in an ideal manner. We have already seen early signals. We cannot save federalism at the huge cost of territorial integrity, self-respect and national interest.”

Likewise, on secularism, he says, “In principle, individuals have “faith” but a state does not because the state is common to all. A state cannot give primacy and identity to one group of citizens and deny the same to another group. However, a state cannot run on principles alone. It has to consider the overall interests and look at the tradition, culture, social stability, peace and balance.”

Mishra also says he is aware of criticisms that he will face because of these suggestions. “I am sure one section of the society will hit me back hard with numerous epithets: regressive, reactionary, feudal, rightist, anti-people and so on. They will also throw accusations that I do not understand progress, do not embrace change, I am politically naïve, do not understand Nepali society and its structural problems, and I wish to fish in troubled waters etc… Before throwing these words and phrases, I appeal to you to at least read this document once, which has been prepared by exercising the rights gifted by democracy…”

Read the full proposal here.

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