Rabindra Mishra advances Nation above Notion idea to demand constitutional monarchy and Hindu-Buddhist state

File: Rabindra Mishra, the chief of Bibeksheel Sajha Party
File: Rabindra Mishra

Kathmandu, July 19

Journalist-turned-politician Rabindra Mishra has advanced his controversial Nation above Notion idea to demand the reinstatement of a constitutional monarchy in the country.

Further, he has demanded Nepal be declared a Hindu-Buddhist state by abolishing secularism.

In a press statement, Mishra says he is publishing a book explaining his propositions.

In July last year, Mishra had proposed abolishing federalism and holding a referendum on secularism to change the course of the country’s politics, giving it the title Nation above Notion. The proposition led to a virtual split in his Bibeksheel Sajha party as the majority endorsed it and removed leaders opposing this.

Although this “regressive” idea is blamed for the party’s poor performance in the recent local elections, Rabindra Mishra has gone one step further to demand the reinstatement of the monarchy.

Mishra argues republicanism, federalism and secularism are not wrong in principle, but they did not match the country’s geopolitical reality.

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