Bajaj bikes: Nepal price list for July 2021. Plus, 5 bikes to watch

It was in the mid-2000s when Bajaj’s first-ever two-wheeler made its way in Nepal. Since then, Bajaj’s are one of the most popular two-wheelers in Nepal. Bajaj Pulsar is probably the most sold bike in the country. Pulsar brought a revolution in the Bajaj bikes; its bold looks, style, power, performance got the attention of everyone from youth to middle-aged men. Also, the cheap parts and low maintenance cost played a major role in its rise in popularity.

Since then, Bajaj has launched various bikes targeting almost every customer segment from fuel-efficient bikes to modern powerful sports bikes. Nepal is probably one of the best markets for Bajaj bikes as the sale of the bikes has been pretty impressive here.

Today, we bring you an updated price list of Bajaj bikes in Nepal. Plus, we will also discuss the key features of the five bikes of our recommendation.

Here is the updated price list for July 2021:

Five key bikes to watch

1. Platina 100 ES

Photo: Bajaj

Platina 100 ES is one of the most fuel-efficient bikes out there in the market. If you are looking for a bike that is fuel-efficient, this bike must be on your watch list. The bike is only 100 cc and gives a top speed of 91 kmph. This can be a great commuter tool for populated cities like Kathmandu. Long front and rear suspension make the bike very comfortable for the rider, and also it has long seats which make the pillion rider comfortable to sit as well. Considering the price, the bike offers a lot of value.

2. Discover 125

Photo: Bajaj

Another popular Bajaj bike in Nepal is Discover. Discover has three variants and now, it has come up with a disc brake system as well. The bike looks pretty decent as it comes with dual-tone seats and attractive graphics. The updated version of the bike has a digital metre, as well as the headlamps, have been improved. Similarly, there is also improvement in suspension making the bike more comfortable than it was before. The power of the bike is enough for commuting around the city. So, if you want something less fancy with great features, this is the bike you should go for.

3. Avenger

Photo: Bajaj

Back in the day, Avenger 200 was one of the popular cruiser bikes in Nepal. Now, the company has brought two refined models of the bike to the country. Avenger 160 Street and Avenger 220 Cruise are the new lineups of the Bajaj Avenger series. Both the bikes have similar attributes and they only differ in terms of power. The majority of the looks on the bike remain the same while the graphics and styling have been upgraded. The bike now has a single-channelled ABS system for the safety of the rider. Overall, it is a very comfortable bike for riders.

4. Pulsar 200 NS

Photo: Bajaj

Pulsar 200 NS is probably the most popular naked sports bike in Nepal along with KTM Duke. This bike is especially popular among the youth for its power, looks, and speed. This bike is also popular because of its affordability. The features provided by the bike in this price category in Nepal are very few. Pulsar NS 200 has two variants: one with FI ABS and the other having only ABS. If you are looking for some thrill and adventure in a Bajaj bike with great looks and adequate power, NS 200 is the one for you.

5. Dominar 400

Photo: Bajaj

This is the top dog among Bajaj bikes. Dominar 400 is an absolute beast not only appearance-wise but also in performance. It has a maximum torque of 35 Nm and can gain a top speed of up to 165 kmph. Powered by a 373.3-cc single-cylinder engine, this bike can reach 0-100 in just 8.23 seconds. This bike not only has power but also safety to back up that power. Along with a fuel-injection system, this bike has a dual-tone exhaust, better suspension, a solid frame, and dual-channel ABS for safety. The price, of course, is a great factor here as this bike provides more than plenty of features for its price. No other bike in a similar price range can provide the features that Bajaj Dominar 400 is providing. If you want the ultimate power and performance from a Bajaj bike, Dominar 400 is the bike for you.

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