Prepare for talks with India, internationalising border issue simultaneously: Ex-bureaucrats

File: An Armed Police Force staffer guards Nepal-India border

Kathmandu, May 12

A group of former bureaucrats has called the government to prepare for holding talks with India about the recently surfaced border dispute and internationalising it simultaneously.

‘Group 25+’, an informal group of former secretaries and joint secretariat of the government, says in its statement on Tuesday, “The government of Nepal needs to employ a double-pronged strategy to safeguard the nation’s interest: it should seriously continue to call on India to join a dialogue table to share evidence on the sovereign ownership of the India-occupied Nepal’s territory and at the same time, Nepal should raise clear and consistent voice on its sovereign ownership of territories currently under the Indian occupation in the UN, regional and bilateral forums.”

The group has further suggested that the occupation of Nepal’s territory and continued acts of aggression for territorial expansion by India should be a long-term agenda of Nepal’s integrated foreign, security and communication policy.

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