Number of internet users increases by 4.4 million in one year

Kathmandu, July 22

The number of internet users has increased by 4.4 million in past one year, according to Nepal Telecommunications Authority, the country’s telecommunication regulator.

As of May 2018, 14.3 million people would use the internet. But, the number increased to 18.6 million in May this year, the Authority informs.

It means around 63 per cent people of the total population have an access to the internet. However, the data might not represent the actuality as a single person using the internet from the two or more service providers has been counted as more than one.

The Authority’s recent report informs that around 49 per cent of the total population use the internet on their phones. Of them, 10.9 million use the 3G service.

Of the total internet users, 79 per cent are reliant on their mobile phones.

The number of fixed broadband internet users is also significantly increasing.

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