Nimsdai skydives in Everest region


Kathmandu, October 31

Mountaineer Nirmal Purja Magar (Nimsdai) has skydived in the Everest region.

He stated that he was skydiving to bolster Nepal’s economy and tourism sector, while also creating opportunities for high-skilled jobs in the region.

Confirming the feasibility of skydiving in Nepal, he emphasised its potential to enhance employment prospects in the area.


“Today we jumped from 23,000ft over the stunning mountains and it felt good to be back under the canopy again. There’s nothing quite like the combination of adrenaline and peace that comes from skydiving – the exhilaration of the jump and the peace and tranquillity of the time under the canopy, watching the mountains drift by below,” wrote Nimsdai on Instagram.

Nimsdai held the record for climbing all 14 8,000-metre mountains in six months and six days in 2019.


All photos courtesy Nimsdai.

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