NEPSE: Market sees 3 positive circuit breaks amidst political shifts

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Kathmandu, March 4

Following the collapse of the ruling coalition and the formation of a new one, NEPSE encountered three consecutive positive circuit breaks on Monday.

Trading was halted for the day after three circuit breaks. The first circuit break occurred when the NEPSE index surged by 4 per cent or 79 points within 3 minutes of trading, compared to the previous day.

Twenty minutes later, the second circuit break was triggered as the index increased by an additional 1 per cent, reaching a total surge of 5 per cent or 98 points.

Trading remained suspended for 40 minutes following the second circuit break. Subsequently, after the market reopened at 12:04 pm, a third circuit break was triggered, leading to the suspension of trading for the rest of the day.

Overall, the NEPSE market index saw a notable increase of 6 per cent (117 points) on Monday, closing the day at 2,078.

A total of Rs 375 million was traded due to the shortened trading time as the price of 230 companies went up while 2 went down.

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