Nepali national killed as SSB fires at Ananda Bazaar locals protesting India’s excessses

Kanchanpur, March 9

India’s Seema Sashastra Bal has opened fire on Nepali peoples staging demonstration at Ananda Bazaar, Kanchanpur, on Thursday. The firing has killed Govinda Gautam, a local.

Injured in the shooting, Gautam died at CP Hospital in Dhangadhi, which is 20 kilometres from the protest hotspot of Ananda Bazaar.

Locals of the bazaar have been staging protests against SSB excesses, including beating. They have clashed with Indians living close to the Nepali territory.

The dispute started when SSB threatened Nepali authorities to stop construction of a culvert at Ananda Bazaar, claiming that the site is an Indian territory. It took a nasty turn on Wednesday night, with SSB personnel entering the Nepali territory and thrashing Nepali nationals.


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