Nepalgunj city launches campaign to make the city plastic bag-free

Newly elected Mayor of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City, Dhawal Shamsher Rana

Nepalgunj, October 14

The Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City has launched a campaign to make the city free of plastic bags. Political parties active in the city have expressed a commitment to the campaign.

The municipal government has prepared various outreach programmes and educational materials including posters and messages on the negative impact of plastic bags and hung them at the main thoroughfares of the city. It has also organised the ‘Mirror Photo Exhibition’ depicting the harmful effects of plastic waste. Linen and paper bags will be produced and distributed in collaboration with nongovernment organisations as an alternative to polythene bags.

Although the sub-metropolitan city is preparing to reduce and ultimately ban the use of plastic bags, the Waste Management Act that has been implemented since last year has not been able to incorporate the plastic waste. Therefore, there is a need of updating the act.

Similarly, the sub-metropolis’ programme and budget for this year have not been able to include the topic of making a long-term plan on the management of waste. But Mayor Dhwal Shamsher Rana says, “We would fix the shortcomings on the Act and policies. All things like making laws, amending them and appropriating the budget would be covered in the campaign.”


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