Nepal weather forecast: Don’t forget to carry an umbrella as you go to cast your vote this Friday

File: Rainfall in Kathmandu
File: Rainfall in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, May 9

If weather forecasts are anything to go by, Nepal will face a challenge in securing sufficient voter turnouts in the local elections to be held this Friday.

Issuing a special weather bulletin targeting the local elections on Sunday, the Meteorological Forecasting Division says light to moderate rainfall is likely in most provinces of the country on the voting day. It warns thunderstorms are also likely in some places.

Meteorologist Hira Bhattarai says the country might face the adverse impact of the Asani cyclone being developed in southern Bengal. “This will have a more severe impact on hilly districts. Likewise, the impact will be seen in the eastern region. It will be moderate in the Terai region as there are no high hills.”

Elaborating the weather forecast, Bhattarai says the cyclone will not result in incessant rainfall, but sporadic rainfall might repeat in many places.

He advises, “It means you have to carry an umbrella while going to vote.”

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