Nepal has more internet users than its population

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Kathmandu, February 6

Nepal’s telecommunications regulator, Nepal Telecommunications Authority, says the number of internet users in Nepal has reached over 36 million now.

Interestingly, the number of people with access to the internet is more than the total population of Nepal.

As officials count the number of subscriptions as the number of users and one user might have subscribed to multiple internet connections, the number of people using the internet is more than the population, according to the authority.

As per the NTA’s latest report, there are 36 million and 41,000 internet users in the country. Of them, 74.63 per cent use the internet on mobile phones and 24.77 per cent have fixed-line internet subscriptions.

Data show the number of internet users has increased by 14.6 million in the past two years.

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