Nepal hasn’t informed the US of its decision to withdraw from the State Partnership Program yet

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File: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kathmandu, July 20

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs once again says the government of Nepal is yet to inform the United States government that it has decided to withdraw from the controversial State Partnership Program (SPP).

In a press meeting in Kathmandu on Wednesday, the ministry’s spokesperson Sewa Lamsal said the ministry was still studying the matter in detail.

On July 3 also, Lamsal made a similar comment, drawing a lot of criticism.

But, today also, Lamsal said the ministry was yet to inform the US about the decision as Nepal Army, which had requested the programme, was saying the programme was aimed at supporting the army in disaster response.

“We are concerned that the aid we are receiving should not stop. We are studying and discussing the matter accordingly.”

Previously, the Nepal Army had written to the US Embassy in Kathmandu requesting the State Partnership Program (SSP).

The government last month decided to withdraw from the project after a draft of the agreement leaked by the media exposed the possibility of the US troops staying in Nepal for an indefinite period, inviting criticism from stakeholders.

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