Ruling alliance ‘almost sweeps’ National Assembly elections, UML wins 1

File: A National Assembly meeting
File: A National Assembly meeting

Kathmandu, January 26

The ruling alliance has swept the elections held on Wednesday in seven provinces for 19 members of the National Assembly, the upper house of the bicameral federal parliament.

The alliance won 18 positions whereas the main opposition, CPN-UML, won the last remaining seat in Province 1.

In most of the cases, the results were predictable as provincial assembly members and local unit officials, whose party affiliations are already known, were to cast votes for the elections.

In Province 1, however, things were a bit uncertain because the third force, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, had also fielded its candidates for all three positions. Further, as the results came out, it was also found that some other voters of the ruling and opposition camps switched sides, affecting the National Assembly poll results.

Consequently, only one of three candidates of the ruling alliance–Jayanti Rai representing women’s cluster–turned clearly victorious in the province. In the minority cluster, Sonam Geljen Sherpa of the UML won. In the ‘other’ category in the province, Gopal Basnet of the Nepali Congress representing the ruling coalition and Guru Baral of the UML received equal votes. The Election Commission declared Basnet victorious by drawing lots.

Winners’ list

Here is the list of winning candidates for the National Assembly as announced by the Election Commission:

Province 1WomenJayanti RaiCPN-Unified Socialist (Ruling alliance)
Minority and disabledSonam Geljen SherpaCPN-UML (Opposition)
OthersGopal BasnetNepali Congress (Ruling alliance)
MadhesWomenUrmila AryalCPN-Maoist Centre (Ruling alliance)
OthersMohammad KhalidJSPN (Ruling alliance)
BagmatiWomenGoma Devi TimalsinaCPN-Unified Socialist (Ruling alliance)
OthersKrishna Prasad Paudel Nepali Congress (Ruling alliance)
GandakiWomenKamala PantaNepali Congress (Ruling alliance)
DalitsBhuwan Bahadur SunarCPN-Maoist Centre (Ruling alliance)
OthersSuresh Kumar Ale MagarCPN-Maoist Centre (Ruling alliance)
LumbiniWomenRajendra Laxmi GaireCPN-Unified Socialist (Ruling alliance)
DalitsTul Kumar BKRastriya Janamorcha (Ruling alliance)
OthersYuba Raj SharmaNepali Congress (Ruling alliance)
KarnaliWomenDurga GurungNepali Congress (Ruling alliance)
Minority or disabledNar Bahadur BistaCPN-Maoist Centre (Ruling alliance)
OthersUdaya Bahadur BohoraCPN-Unified Socialist (Ruling alliance)
SudurpaschimWomenMadan Kumari Shah ‘Garima’CPN-Unified Socialist (Ruling alliance)
DalitsJagat Bahadur ParkiCPN-Maoist Centre (Ruling alliance)
OthersNarayan Datta MishraNepali Congress (Ruling alliance)

Constitutional provision

The term of 20 lawmakers of the National Assembly is expiring on March 4, 2022. Whereas 19 have been elected to fill the vacancies, one will be appointed by the president.

The National Assembly has 59 members. As it is constituted as a “permanent” body, it is never fully dissolved. Rather, one-third of the members retire every two years and the next batch gets elected. The newly elected members stay in office for the next six years.

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