Most private schools of Nepal to discontinue online classes also from Thursday

Kathmandu, July 15

Protesting organisations of private school operators across Nepal have said they will stop online classes also from Thursday, citing the government did not address their concerns.

Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation Nepal (PABSON) and National Private and Boarding Schools’ Association Nepal (N-PABSAN) had launched a protest demanding relief packages for the losses caused due to the months-long lockdown.

Citing they could not pay teachers and staff involved in delivering online classes, the organisations said they would send them on unpaid home leave till the next notice.

The organisations said the schools would reopen only after there would be an environment to conduct physical classes.

Earlier, the school operators had also urged guardians of their students to pay the fees for the period of lockdown also. However, the government had stopped them. Therefore, the organisations had also demanded that they are allowed to collect the fees so as to pay the teachers and staff and landlords.

Published on July 15th, Wednesday, 2020 4:46 PM

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  • The student says: | July 19 2020 8:22pm

    I also don’t think class should be continued as grade 10 student because I am unable to understand a thing they are teaching and also I am not able to join all the classes as there are a lot of work in home. As a responsible son should be able to help my parents in chores due to which I can’t join some classes and also at this time of economic crisis my parents are unable to pay fees of the class that I don’t understand or take. So it is useless to continue this stupid class.


  • A. B. Khadka says: | July 17 2020 3:23pm

    Government should take action and provide fund to school, in this situation parents have great economic problem,


  • Manita Tumbahangphe says: | July 16 2020 7:52pm

    Yes we are suffering but I think we should see both sides. I mean to say teachers who conducted online classes with no payment at all. At least admission fees can be paid by the parents which later or sooner must be paid by them. Hope the decision favours everyone 🙏🙏.


  • I Read A Lot says: | July 16 2020 6:42pm

    This is the starting point of a big crisis. Today many of the Youngsters will be very happy because they will get plenty of time to sleep, to play, no home works, no scolding from teachers, no need to be disciplined. But the fact is once the students have a big break, students will not be able to restart their education and come back in to a study discipline instantly as many parents, teachers and students themselves expect.

    In UK and European countries, the media is already pointing out towards such situation. And in many developed countries, they are successfully conducting online classes without any hassle, while back in Nepal many of our students are going to be drop outs and jobless in near future because of this closure of schools.

    In my opinion, the parents and the School unions must come up with some sort of solution so that they can pay teachers and staff on time and to maintain the quality of education before things become worse


  • Pratik gurung says: | July 16 2020 8:58am

    I think that private school should not take fees cause in this pandemic situation there is no job so it may be much harder to people who cant work an if no work no money so plz government take action and continue eating that no fees in online class.


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