Miss Nepal Earth Supriya Shrestha conducts Winter Warmth project in Makawanpur

Miss Nepal Earth 2020 Supriya Shrestha with a child during her Winter Warmth project, in Makawanpur, in March 2021. Photo: Hidden Treasure

Kathmandu, March 5

Supriya Shrestha, Miss Nepal Earth 2020, recently visited Bhangkhoriya, Palung in Thaha municipality of Makawanpur for her Winter Warmth project.

Hidden Treasure, the Miss Nepal organiser, says the project had an objective of helping the community and residents get through the season.

Under the project, Shrestha distributed mattresses and blankets to approximately 50 households. Also, around 300 kids in the community were given sanitiser, warm woollen caps and socks.

“I feel this place is Karnali near Kathmandu. This is just a baby step for a much bigger picture,” Shrestha says after the project, “If you can make it better for anyone even in the smallest way possible, just go ahead! There is a lot yet to be done for this community and I aim to do the same through my project, Paving Palung.”

She further adds that in the long run, she aims to solve the problems related to drinking water, health and sanitation, education and make the community self-reliant by generating livelihood programmes via means of agriculture.

KTM City, GNX Studio, Accessories Nepal, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Tunwal, Nepal Job Fair and Lemon Entertainment had also supported her.

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