Melamchi water supply Kathmandu: Resumption delay to end in ‘a few days’

File: Melamchi Water Supply Project's tunnel
File: Melamchi Water Supply Project’s tunnel

Kathmandu, November 28

The Melamchi Water Supply Project last month said it was resuming supply in Kathmandu by mid-November. But, it did not happen.

Without explaining the reason for the delay, the project now says the supply would resume in the next few days as it has started supplying water into the tunnel.

It has been learned that the project carried out some maintenance works so that the supply could resume until some permanent structures are ready. The Asian Development Bank has carried out a study to suggest how the project can ensure a smooth water supply around the year, and its final report is due in December.

The Melamchi water supply was halted in the last week of May citing risks of overflow in the monsoon season and damages it would cause to the system.

massive flood in Sindhupalchok town in June 2021 severely damaged the infrastructure of the project making it unable to resume the water supply to the capital suspended for two months for some technical works. For the first time, the project launched the water supply just in March 2021.

Following the flood, the water supply resumed in April 2022 to get closed again after a month.

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