Kathmandu vegetable market sees ‘record-breaking’ price hike

File image: A vegetable market in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, November 8

As the price of most vegetables in the Kathmandu market is ever increasing for over two weeks now, traders have commented that the hike marked a new record.

It seems there is not any problem in the supply system; but the price is unexpectedly increasing everyday.

Deputy Director of Kalimati Vegetable and Fruit Market Development Committee, Binaya Shrestha, says, “Generally, the vegetable price goes up and comes down very frequently. But this time, the price is ever increasing since the week before Tihar.”

According to him, most of green vegetables cost more than Rs 100 for a kilogram these days. For example, tomatoes cost Rs 120 per kg, cauliflowers Rs 110 and carrots Rs 130.

Shrestha attributes the increased price to reduced production. “This year, we had heavy rainfalls which affected the cultivation. Therefore, the production did not meet the demand, resulting in the continuous hike.”

The Committee fears that the price will not come down for next few weeks.


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