Karnali launches water ‘2nd-biggest water supply project after Melamchi’

Officials visit the project site as Karnali provincial government launches ambitious Bheri water pumping project, in December 2020.

Surkhet, December 15

The Karnali provincial government has launched an ambitious water supply project in its bid to find a long-term solution to the drinking water crisis in its capital.

As per the new plan, the water from Bheri will be pumped to quench the thirst of the locals in Birendranagar, Surkhet.

It has been said that it will be the second-biggest project of this kind in Nepal, after the under-construction Melamchi Water Supply Project that aims at bringing the water from Melamchi river in Sindhupalchok to the central capital in Kathmandu.

Karnali’s Financial Affairs and Planning Minister Prakash Jwala says the project has been planned considering the population growth in the city for the next 30 years.

Currently, Birendranagar houses over 200,000 people. Kul Mani Devkota, the chairman of Surkhet Drinking Water Consumer Organisation, says the valley currently needs 278 litres of water every second, but the supply is just 157 litre.

The population is estimated to rise up to 384,000 by 2050.

Jwala says the federal and concerned local governments will also be taken into confidence to implement the project.

Surya Raj Kandel, the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation Management, says a team from the department under the federal government is preparing a blueprint for the project.

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Khatri is an Onlinekhabar correspondent in Surkhet.

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