Kamal Thapa predicts ‘storm’ in Nepal after 2019 India elections

Kamal Thapa

Kathmandu, October 29

Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairman and former Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa has predicted that Nepal will suffer a political turmoil after neighbouring India will hold general elections in April-May next year.

“I can see the possibility of a big storm in Nepal’s national politics after the polls,” Thapa tells Onlinekhabar in an interview, “Nepal will head towards instability and anarchy again after around seven months.”

Thapa claims many political interest groups are waiting for a right time to show their strength in the country, and they will get the time after the Indian polls will be over.

According to him, these groups include Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’-led communist outfit and CK Raut’s secessionist group. “Congress and Madhesh-centric parties are also waiting for the opportunity.”

“If we fail to address emerging problems carefully, we will reach an accident. The accident may destroy current political system,” he says, “It will invite foreign interference and it will ultimately lead to a separation.”

“Therefore, all political parties should keep people at the centre, elevating themselves up from vested interests of their parties,” he suggests, adding, “Our future will also depend on how Prime Minister KP Oli and the ruling party move ahead.”

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