Je Chhau Timi by Swoopna Suman and Samir Shrestha trending in 3 countries

Je Chhau Timi
Screengrab via YouTube

Kathmandu, March 26

Je Chhau Timi, a song by Swoopna Suman and Samir Shrestha is trending in three different countries.

The song, released on March 25, is currently trending at number 1 in Nepal, number 2 in Australia and number 6 in the UAE.

This is Suman and Shrestha’s first collaboration together.

The two have been doing individually well over the past few years with their music trending on a regular basis in Nepal.

The song talks about natural beauty and how underrated it is in today’s world.

“The song came to me quickly when I was waiting for my wife. I sang the first few lines to her and she got emotional as soon as I finished. That was when I realised this song could be something great,” says Swoopna Suman.

Je Chhau Timi has been produced by Saswot Shrestha.

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