Internet service providers protest govt decision to award frequency to tv operators

Kathmandu, April 12

Internet service providers have protested the government’s decision to award frequency to tv service providers through the ‘back door’.

The ISPs have alleged that the government is providing frequenct to tv operators without any competition. Representatives of the ISP association, who picketed the Nepal Telecom Authority’s office, say that the government is trying to amend existing regulations to distribute frequency for dirt cheap prices. “The government has not provided us frequency for soo many years, but now it is going to provide frequency to tv operators through the back door,” said ISPN chief Bhojraj Bhatta.

“The best way to distribute frequency is to do it through an auction,” added Bhatta. “The government should not change its policies just for the benefit of a handful of people,” he added. Bhatta said that his organisation would have to resort to more protests if the government does not heed its demands.

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