How to make your router as efficient as it can be: 8 tips useful in Nepal

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Slow internet is an everyday story in Nepal and people have reasons to distrust their internet service providers. However, with the dependence on technology increasing day by day, more importantly even during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, people are looking for tips and tricks on how they can improve internet efficiency.

Since everybody is used to high-speed internet connections, any disturbances in the network can affect the mood of the user. Network lagging can make people lose their temper if it continues for a longer duration. If this happens more frequently, you need to check the condition of your home router as well. Problems in the router can also cause a slow internet connection. Before unleashing your wrath on the internet service provider, use the following tips to make your router as efficient as it can be for a better internet connection.

1. Lift your router off the ground

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When you put your router on the ground, it can dampen its performance because as soon as it sends out the signals, they are immediately absorbed by the ground. Your router should be lifted four to six feet off the ground if possible. Placing it on a sideboard or a shelf at an elevated height can help you achieve more comprehensible coverage.

2. Use Ethernet cable

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Unless you are using your mobile phone, using an Ethernet cable always boosts your internet connection speed. A wired connection is always faster, reliable and stable than a wireless connection. This connection cannot be affected by other devices. The devices, however, will be limited as Ethernet may not be viable to every device that you have.

3. Find a proper location

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There are various barriers besides the walls that can slow the performance of your router. Obstacles like appliances, metal cabinets and furniture can hamper the signal of your wifi. If the router is placed along with other electronic appliances, it can hugely disrupt the wifi signal coming from your router. So a proper location should be selected for the placement of the router for effective use. Different locations can be experimented with to know where the router provides the best signal for everyone.

4. Power off the router when not in use

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Do you remember the last time you powered off your router? You should let your router cool down every once in a while. When the internet is not in use like during the time you sleep, you should switch off your router. When the router is turned on 24/7, it can increase the temperature of your router and can affect its performance. Turning it off also provides a fresh start for your router and it can improve the life of your router as well.

5. Get an extender

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Investing in a wifi extender or repeater can be another option to make your internet connection stronger. It, however, does not exceed the speed of internet bandwidth you have subscribed to. It is only the medium to extend the range of your internet connection. It is simple to set up and easy to use as well. An extender can help you get rid of wifi dead zones in your home.

6. Change the band

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Most of the routers these days use dual-band technology. The router uses either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency. The 5GHz frequency provides you with a faster connection to the internet but has a shorter range and can create fluctuation if you are away from the router whereas the 2.4GHz frequency has a larger range but the connection to the internet is not as fast. You can choose the band according to the use and your preference.

7. Resetting when in problem

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Your router can have lots of problems that can affect its performance. But, resetting it can sometimes solve the problem that your router is creating. It is just like restarting your laptop or mobile phone when it lags and decreases performance.

8. Upgrade your router or call your ISP

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Even after trying all the possible procedures, if you still have problems with the router, you should reach out to your internet service provider (ISP). Since they have adequate knowledge about this, they can provide you with proper guidelines and suggestions. They even send a technician if needed. Most of you now use the router provided by the ISP themselves, hence if it is time for an upgrade, they will do it for you. But, you should remind them of the problems that you are facing.


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