Petrol and diesel to go Rs 10 cheaper as govt waives infrastructure tax

A car is being refilled with petrol, in Kathmandu
File: A car is being refilled with petrol, in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu, June 1

The government has decided to waive Rs 10 from the infrastructure tax imposed on petrol and diesel. With this, the price of both petrol and diesel will come down.

After the latest increase in fuel prices, the per litre tax on petrol and diesel had reached Rs 63.23 and Rs 45.91 respectively. The government had come under the fire for hiking fuel prices, forcing it to reconsider the decision to charge infrastructure tax.

The government also charges Rs 13.66 tax on a litre of kerosene, Rs 327.37 on a cylinder of cooking gas and Rs 23.32 on domestic aviation fuel and Rs 2.51 on international aviation fuel.

Petroleum products are subject to customs and declaration fees, road maintenance charges, pollution charges, infrastructure taxes, and money going to the price stabilisation fund.

The Nepal Oil Corporation says it is purchasing petrol at Rs 194.64 per litre, diesel at Rs 189.82 a litre, kerosene at Rs 140 per litre, domestic aviation fuel at Rs 152.02 a litre, international aviation fuel at Rs 131.19 per litre, and LPG at Rs 2,679.75 a cylinder from the Indian Oil Corporation.

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