2nd fuel price hike in 8 days: Petrol Rs 180, diesel Rs 163, cooking gas Rs 1,800

Cooking gas (LPG) - The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has increased the price of fuel and cooking gas.
File: Cooking gas (LPG) cylinders

Kathmandu, May 23

The government-run fuel distribution monopoly Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has increased fuel prices once again, for the second time in the past eight days.

Of late, the corporation has been increasing fuel prices every fortnight. Whereas the last decision to hike the price was delayed by the local elections, the corporation did not wait for a fortnight to make another decision this time.

As per the statement made by the corporation on Sunday evening, the following changes have been made to the new price:

ProductPrevious priceNew price
PetrolRs 170/litreRs 180/litre
Diesel/KeroseneRs 153/litreRs 163/litre
Cooking gasRs 1,600/cylinderRs 1,800/cylinder

Despite the increase, the corporation is at a loss in the trade of cooking gas, petrol and diesel, its statement claims.

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