Indian National Congress asks PM Modi: Any plan to control Chinese influence in Nepal?

Kathmandu, March 24

China’s recent pledge to Nepal to provide technical-financial support for extension of the railway link to Nepal has started generating a heated debate in India.

Commenting on this developent through its official twitter handle, Indian National Congress said India is losing its influence in South Asia. China is now building links with Nepal after Pak (Pakistan), the INC maintained and asked: Does PM Modi have a plan?

blOS9LhqSome of the Twitter users turned the heat on the INC, pointing it indulged in corruption and made the country poorer while it was in power for 55 long years.

These charges and countercharges indicate that India is not comfortable with recent developments vis-a-vis Nepal-China relations. The discussoins indicate that Nepal will continue to figure prominently in debates between the Indian establishment and the opposition.

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