How to subscribe to different data and voice packages on NT, Ncell and SmartCell sims

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Coming to the mobile telephone service providers in Nepal, there are very few players in the market. When you think of a telecom service provider in Nepal, the two big players–NTC and Ncell–come into everyone’s mind. SmartCell can also make its way but is still in the shadows of these giants. There are other service providers in Nepal: Nepal Satellite Telecom, UTL, and CG Telecom, but due to a lack of infrastructure and due to some regulations, these three have not found their way to the light. Since Nepal has only three major players in the market, today, we will be discussing different services they have for their telephone subscribers and how to get them.

1. Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom is the state-owned, national telecom service provider in Nepal. It is also the first mobile phone operator in Nepal. The company claims to have put its endeavours in providing its valued customers with quality service since its inception and to achieve this goal, technologies best meeting the internet of its customers have always been selected. It has a nationwide reach and has the most number of customers under its belt.

Nepal Telecom has also recently launched the VoLTE service. This service provides HD voice and video calls over the 4G network. So, this advanced technology delivers high-quality lifelike sound over voice calls across the NT 4G network.

With its international roaming facility, one can use mobile phone while visiting foreign countries when your mobile phone number remains the same and but can make or receive calls to/from anywhere around the world.

Here is how you can subscribe to various data and volume packages onto your NT sim:

e-Shikshya Package
Data volumePriceValiditySubscription method
6GB [3GB all time + 3GB (5 AM – 10 AM)]Rs 26028 days*1441#
15GB [9GB all time + 6GB (5 AM – 10 AM)]Rs 50028 days*1441#
StayConnected Package
Data/call time volumePriceValiditySubscription method
1GB (All Network) + Bonus 3GB (4G)Rs 1005 days*1415*10#
2GB (All Network) + Bonus 8GB (4G)Rs 2007 days*1415*10#
40 minutes + Bonus 20 minutesRs 251 day*1415*10#
190 minutes + Bonus 95 minutesRs 1007 days*1415*10#
All-Time Data Package
Data volumePriceValiditySubscription method
60MBRs 151 day*1415*1*1#
250MBRs 251 day*1415*1*1#
300MBRs 607 days*1415*1*1#
700MBRs 1007 days*1415*1*1#
2000MBRs 26028 days*1415*1*1#
6000MBRs 50028 days*1415*1*1#
14000MBRs.70028 days*1415*1*1#

Other assorted packages

Data, call time volumePriceValiditySubscription
Social Media – 70MBRs 101 day*1415*2#
Social Media – 250MBRs 353 days*1415*2#
Social Media – 600MBRs 657 days*1415*2#
Night Data Unlimited (11 PM – 6 AM)Rs 181 day*1415*3#
Night Data Unlimited (11 PM – 6 AM)Rs 907 days*1415*3#
1GB Per Day (1GB)Rs 451 day*1415*6#
1GB Per Day (7GB)Rs 2501 day*1415*6#
1GB Per Day (28GB)Rs 8501 day*1415*6#
1 Hour Unlimited (Voice + SMS + Data)Rs 201 hour*1415*8#
100 minutes voice (5 AM – 5 PM)Rs 1024 hours*1415*9#
Unlimited voice call (5 AM – 5 PM)Rs 1524 hours*1415*9#
80MB (6 AM – 6 PM)Rs 1024 hours*1415*9#
200MB (6 AM – 6 PM)Rs 1524 hours*1415*9#

All the above-mentioned prices are inclusive of taxes. You can also check the available volume of data in any package by dialling *1415*55# or using the app.

2. Ncell

Ncell Axiata Limited is the first private mobile service provider operating in Nepal. Previously named Mero Mobile, the company says it is committed to building the best-in-class mobile network experience, connecting some of the remotest areas of Nepal with digital communication offerings. Ncell, with its revised international call distance (ILD) call rates, will be able to provide the service to 19 countries.

Here is how you can subscribe to various data and volume packages onto your Ncell sim:

You can dial *17123# to subscribe to them or use the Ncell app.

Get More on 4G Offer
ValidityPriceVolume (all-time / 4G / night time)Total volume
1 dayRs 11.4935MB105MB
1 dayRs 19.1575GB225MB
3 daysRs 37.03120MB360MB
3 daysRs 44.69200MB600MB
7 daysRs 88.11300MB900MB
7 daysRs 95.77500MB1500MB
30 daysRs 343.491300MB3900MB
30 daysRs 453.303GB9GB
Data Pack with Video Offer
ValidityPriceAll-time volumeVideo (1hr/day)Nighttime volumeTotal volume
1 dayRs 49.80750MB1 day750MB1.5GB
3 daysRs 126.412GB3 days2GB4GB
7 daysRs 254.104GB7 days4GB8GB
30 daysRs 1020.2416GB30 days16GB32GB
Mero Plan (weekly)
Price (per week)Available dataFree YouTubeTotal volumeNcell to Ncell call rates (per minute)
Rs 95.772GB2GBRs 1.28
Rs 191.544GB2GB6GBRs 1.28
Mero Plan (monthly)
Price (per week)Available dataFree YouTubeTotal volumeNcell to Ncell call rates (per minute)
Rs 254.101GB1GB2GBRs 1.28
Rs 381.793GB3GB6GBRs 1.15
Rs 637.176GB6GB12GBRs 1.02
Rs 1,020.2415GB15GB30GBRs 0.89
Rs 1,275.6225GB25GB50GBRs 0.64

All the prices mentioned in these packages are inclusive of taxes.

3. SmartCell

Smart Telecom, the third-largest telecom company in Nepal, is a private company providing telecom services. It is actively involved in meeting the needs of Nepali citizens for easy access to information and communication by providing them quality services. It has grown popular these days among the youth because of its data packs and call rates. With a focus on creating a more connected Nepal, it has expanded its services covering 34 districts whereas expanded the 4G network to a total of 19 districts in Nepal.

Here is how you can subscribe to various data and volume packages onto your Smart Cell sim:

Smart data packs
Data volumeValidityPriceSubscription method
200MB1 dayRs 11.49*141*3*1*6#
500MB + 500MB1 dayRs 37.03*141*3*1*1#
1GB + 1GB7 daysRs 88.11*141*3*1*2#
1GB + 1GB15 daysRs 113.64*141*3*1*2#
2GB + 2GB30 daysRs 254.10*141*3*1*4#
5GB + 5GB30 daysRs 407.33*141*3*1*5#
20GB30 daysRs 509.48*141*3*2*1#
Smart voice packs
Pack nameValidityPriceSubscription method
Voice Unlimited – 1 day1 dayRs 11.49*141*1*2*3#
7 Days Unlimited Voice7 daysRs 37.03*141*1*2*2#
Voice Unlimited – 30 days30 daysRs 126.41*141*1*2*1#
Daily Rental Voice Pack (All local calls @ Rs. 0.90/min)1 dayRs 3.83*141*1*1*1#
Smart recharge packs
Recharge amountMain balanceAdditional benefitsSubscription method
Rs 100Rs 98.04200MB + 200MB data, 10 min. talk time, 10 SMS*141*1*2*3#
Rs 200Rs 196.08400MB + 400MB data, 20 min. talk time, 20 SMS*141*1*2*2#
Rs 500Rs 490.201.5GB + 1.5GB data, 100 min. talk time, 100 SMS*141*1*2*1#
Rs 1,000Rs 980.403GB + 3GB data, 200 min. talk time, 200 SMS*141*1*1*1#

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