Ncell paid over 2 billion in royalty and RTDF

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Kathmandu, February 22

Ncell has contributed the most to royalty and the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund (RTDF) in the last fiscal year. According to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Ncell has paid over Rs 2 billion in revenue in the last fiscal year.

This company paid Rs 1.47 billion as royalty and Rs 703.75 million to the government as RTDF in the last fiscal year 2022/23. The amount paid to the government in 2021/22 was Rs 1.58 billion. Similarly, the contribution to RTDF was Rs 709.1 million.

According to the provisions of the NEA, all service providers must pay four per cent royalty and two per cent RTDF of their income annually by mid-January (end of Nepali month Poush) according to the Telecommunications Act 1997 and Telecommunications Regulations 1998.

According to the NEA, only 31 companies have submitted the royalty and RTDF of the last fiscal year 2022/2023, which includes Nepal Telecom, Ncell, Worldlink, etc. There are 121 such companies in operation and 90 companies still have to pay the fee.

According to the NEA, so far this year Rs 4.821 billion royalty and RTDF amount has been collected.

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