How is action taken against educational institutions not registered with IB and CIE?

Sumana Shrestha

Kathmandu, April 8

The Ministry of Education has initiated action against educational institutions not registered for A Level, International Baccalaureate (IB), or similar programmes.

The Ministry has initiated action against those colleges operating without the Ministry’s permission regarding their affiliation with foreign educational institutions. Regarding the operation of foreign educational institutions without permission in Nepal, the Ministry of Education has also requested parents not to enrol their children in such schools. After complaints of some private schools operating foreign programmes illegally and extorting fees from parents, the Ministry has stepped up the action process.

Education Minister Sumana Shrestha has directed the Ministry’s team to investigate about the colleges operating without registration. According to sources, she has prepared to provide clear instructions by calling representatives of institutions running IB, A-Level, or similar programmes. “We have provided information for those who have accessible records and permits to operate. For those without records, they have become illegal themselves,” said a close source to the Education Minister, “They have only used the methodology of IB, A-Level, CIE, or similar but have not taken the programme’s legitimacy; therefore, they cannot operate legally in Nepal.”

The Ministry has indicated its attention to various complaints about the unauthorised operation of foreign educational institutions without the Ministry’s permission. It is mentioned in the public message released in the list of recognised educational institutions, “As the process of action is progressing against the institutions beyond the listed ones, the Ministry requests parents not to enrol or admit their children there.”

Ministry spokesperson Keshav Dahal stated that such programmes cannot be run without permission, and urged parents not to enrol their children in institutions operating illegally.

With only 49 institutions having obtained permission, the Ministry issued a notice on Sunday not to enrol students in institutions other than these. The list of permitted institutions has also been published by the Ministry.

The IB programme, which operates in 160 countries, is a renowned educational programme from Switzerland. Among the 49 educational institutions granted permission, 30 are A-Level (UK), two are International Baccalaureate (Switzerland), 13 are Central Board of Secondary Education (India), and four are recommended for technical education, as mentioned in the Ministry’s public list.

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