Reports state 16,570 houses completely damaged in Rukum West

Rukum West Earthquake
A woman cries as she recalls how the earthquake demolished her home. Photo: Aryan Dhimal

Rukum West, November 7

A total of 16,570 houses have been completely destroyed due to the earthquake in the six municipalities/rural municipalities of Rukum West.

Hari Prasad Panta, chair of the District Disaster Management Committee and Chief District Officer, mentioned that the current count may rise, as data collection is still in progress within the district.

According to information provided by the mayors of municipalities and chairpersons of rural municipalities during the Committee meeting, the highest number of houses have been damaged in Aathbiskot Municipality of the district.

According to reports, 7,148 houses in Aathbiskot were completely damaged, followed by 3,146 houses in Sanibheri Rural Municipality. Additionally, the earthquake on November 3 caused partial damage to 722 houses in Sanibheri.

According to the Committee, Chaurajahari Municipality has seen 1,987 houses completely damaged and 4,374 houses partly damaged. In Musikot Municipality, 2,300 houses have suffered complete damage, with 3,500 houses experiencing partial damage.

Similarly, in Triveni Rural Municipality, 1,935 houses have been completely damaged, and 1,258 houses have incurred partial damage. In Banphikot Rural Municipality, 18 houses have been completely destroyed, while 107 houses have experienced partial damage, as reported.

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