Jajarkot earthquake sparks crisis as food worth Rs 90 million destroyed

jajarkot Earthquake
The house destroyed by an earthquake in Khalanga in Jajarkot.

Jajarkot, December 11

Food worth amounting to Rs 90 million was destroyed in the Jajarkot earthquake which caused a huge loss of lives and properties.

Food worth over Rs 92.6 million that was stored in 34,501 households was buried in the earthquake, the Agriculture Development Office, Jajarkot said.

The 6.4-magnitude earthquake that occurred on November 3 with its epicenter at Ramidanda had destroyed 9,794 houses.

According to the office, food grains such as paddy, corn, wheat and millet stored in 34,501 houses were destroyed in the tremor.

Topendra Biswokarma, the Information Officer of the office, said that the earthquake resulted in the burial of more than 2.82 million kilograms of paddy, along with corn, wheat, and millet. Additionally, the Jajarkot earthquake also caused a significant loss of livestock, estimated at Rs 54.14 million in the district.

In Jajarkot alone, as many as 90,567 people were directly affected by the earthquake.

The prevailing conditions could worsen the food crisis in the earthquake-affected region. The construction of temporary structures on fertile land poses a potential threat to food production. The Barekot rural municipality in the district has historically faced food shortages. Recognising the impending crisis, the district administration office has appealed to locals to proactively manage and store food resources.

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