Govt prepares new rule to ‘control’ online media

File: Parbat Gurung

Kathmandu, February 10

The government is preparing to issue a new rule aimed at controlling online media and social media.

Communications and Information Technology Minister Parbat Gurung says the new directive will stop media and journalists from being irresponsible and indecent.

“We are preparing to issue a Social Network Directive 2021 to stop malpractices on Facebook, YouTube, and online portals that many do in the name of using their freedom, without registration,” Gurung says.

However, it has been learned that the government through the directive wants to control voices against the government, the president and the court.

Gurung also says, “Of late, not only social media users but some responsible online portals also were found to be disseminating uncontrolled and person-centric expressions targeted at the court and the president.”

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