Government plans to increase the scope of treatment from Rs 100,000 through health insurance

Dr Gunaraj Lohani

Kathmandu, January 11

The government will increase the scope of treatment through health insurance from Rs 100,000.

Recently appointed President of the Health Insurance Board, Dr Guna Raj Lohani said that preparations have been made to increase the range of facilities by reviewing the contribution amount.

The insurance programme is based on family contribution with all family members’ participation. A family of five has to pay Rs 3,500 per year. If the number of family members is more than five, they have to pay an additional Rs 700 per member, to get Rs 200,000 more in insurance amount.

Recently, due to the high cost of health services, the facilities that citizens get are decreasing, and it is necessary to revise them Dr Lohani said. “We are also welcoming suggestions on the types of packages and their easy execution. The response is coming, which will be executed within two months,” he added.

According to Dr Lohani, the board is planning to increase the coverage by having a package targeted at the diseases where the citizens face the burden of treatment.

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