Finance ministry tells bureaucrats to prioritise post-Covid-19 revival in next budget

Ministry of Finance
File: Ministry of Finance

Kathmandu, March 15

The Ministry of Finance has requested secretaries of all other ministries to prioritise projects aimed at reviving the country’s economy from the Covid-19 impact.

The ministry also asked them not to introduce new projects. In particular, it urged them not to allocate any budget for new building construction, vehicle purchase and foreign trips unless necessary.

Inviting high-level bureaucrats to the ministry on Monday, the ministry discussed various aspects of the annual plan for the fiscal year 2021/22 that begins mid-July.

Dhani Ram Sharma, the chief of the Budget Section of the ministry, says the ministry, however, told them that some new projects could also be considered if they were of immediate nature. Likewise, the ministry assured sufficient funds would be given for national pride projects.

Currently, all the ministries are busy preparing their proposals to submit to the Ministry of Finance for the next budget plan.

The new plan will be announced on May 28 in the House of Representatives.

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