Even earthquake victims without land ownership papers to get housing grant


Earthquake-Victims-Kam-Sing-Tamang-is-weepingKathmandu, April 7

The KP Oli government is providing house construction grants to even those quake-affected people, who do not have land ownership certificates. Through what it calls ‘alternative means,’ the National Reconstruction Authority has decided to provide grants to victims without such papers.

As per existing provisions, NRA is providing housing grants to those victims, who have land registered in their names. The government has already started distributing two lakh rupees to each quake-affected family.

NRA said it made ‘alternative arrangements’ because the land ownership provision would deprive a majority of quake victims of the government grant.

An NRA meeting also decided to provide blueprints of quake-resistant houses, provide grants in line with governing regulations, provide technical assistance for house construction and monitoring house construction work.

In 17 districts also (other than Kathmandu Valley and highly-affected districts), NRA decided to conduct a survey of households and reach grant agreements before monsoon.

NRA has directed agencies concerned to start raising funds and prepare a blueprint of Dharahara for reconstruction of the historic monument under the campaign titled Mero Dharahara-Ma Banaunchhu (I’ll build my Dharahara on my own).

Of the 125 quake-hit VDCs, the government will depute VDC secretaries in those VDCs that have been without them.

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