Due to negligence on the part of a school, 22 students may not be able to sit for SLC exams 2073

Kathmandu, January 17

National Campaign for Education-Nepal pointed on Tuesday that 22 students of a school in Baglung may not be able to sit for this year’s SLC examinations because of negligence on the part of the school management concerned.

The campaign has drawn the attention of concerned authorities towards this matter. It pointed that 10th graders of Baglung-based Gyanendra Secondary School may not be able to appear in SLC exams, which will begin on March 16, because the school has not deposited revenues in the designated bank account. The campaign has requested stakeholders concerned not to play with the future of the students.

It has accused the school of doing injustice to the students, urged the government to make sure that such acts do not recur and urged authorities concerned to take action against those at fault.

The campaign, which consists of representatives from civil society, teachers’ groups, the media, and I/NGOs, has accused the school of challenging children’s constitutionally-guaranteed right to education.

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