6 best cybersecurity companies in Nepal

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Cybersecurity now has come a long way. Data breaches and security-related problems have become a big issue with the increasing threats. Nepal is not safe either with the alarming and increasing risks. The early reported cybercrime incidents in Nepal highlight the emerging challenges of online security.

Although we do not know the first incident, one case in July 2013 involved a young woman who fell victim to online fraud while booking an airline ticket, resulting in a significant financial loss. Another incident occurred on October 7, 2014, when cyberbullying was officially documented at the Kathmandu School of Law. In 2016, Nepal Police arrested an 18-year-old individual operating under the pseudonym Anonymous #Opnep for hacking into government websites, including Nepal Telecom and the National Tuberculosis Centre.

Ever since the rise in these threats and problems, many cybersecurity companies have flourished in Nepal to tackle the issues. Some of the cybersecurity companies have even reached the global stage and ranking.

So today we have brought the six best cybersecurity companies in Nepal.

List of cybersecurity companies in Nepal

1.CryptoGen Nepal
2.Green Tick Nepal
3.Vairav Technology
4.Eminence Ways
5.Cynical Technology

1. CryptoGen Nepal

The first on the list of cybersecurity companies in Nepal is CrpytoGen Nepal. Started in 2019, CrpytoGen Nepal has gained a wide range of success in a limited time frame. CryptoGen Nepal has recently been featured in the Top 250 MSSP worldwide gaining a rank of 163. CrpytoGen Nepal provides a lot of services in the cybersecurity field.

CryptoGen Nepal provides a range of cybersecurity services, including dark web monitoring, incident response planning, information systems audits, ISO 27001 compliance audits, Security Operations Center operations, SWIFT CSP assessments, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and ongoing vulnerability management.

CrpytoGen Nepal has worked with many national and international clients delivering high-quality services over the years.

2. Green Tick Nepal

Second on the list and also ranked in the Top 250 MSSP achieving a rank of 247 is Green Tick Nepal. Green Tick has been serving in Nepal for the past 11 years and has delivered its services to over 150 clients. Green Tick Nepal along with cybersecurity solutions also provides Finance, Risk, Audit and Compliance, HR Consulting and Business Advisory.

In terms of cybersecurity areas, Green Tick Nepal provides services such as IT health checks, VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) service, Managed Security Service, SIEM solutions, Swift CSP Assessment, Digital Forensics, IT Risk Assessment, Data Security, Dark Web Monitoring service and Cybersecurity Awareness.

3. Vairav Technology

Vairav Technology is another leading cybersecurity company in Nepal providing professional IT and cybersecurity solutions to many companies and businesses in Nepal. The company further aims to be a global leader in cybersecurity, defending clients against cyber adversaries to create secure and resilient enterprise environments.

Vairav Technology offers a range of cybersecurity services, including Managed CSOCaaS for 24/7 monitoring, penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities, information system audits following ISACA standards, GRC services for risk assessment and compliance, and information security consultancy for policy development and implementation.

4. Eminence Ways

Eminence Ways is one of the first cybersecurity companies in Nepal who are providing the best cybersecurity services in Nepal. Eminence Ways also provides opportunities for other cybersecurity enthusiasts and people. The company has a wide range of work domains including financial, government, healthcare, internet service providers, corporate houses, education, software development, and hospitality.

Eminence Ways provides a range of cybersecurity services, including consulting for IS audit, security system design, and IT policy development. They offer incident response support and security assessments through vulnerability testing and penetration testing. Additionally, they offer managed security services like monitoring and vulnerability management for ongoing protection.

5. Cynical Technology

Cynical Technology, a cybersecurity startup based in Kathmandu, specialises in security consulting, auditing, testing, and compliance, addressing management concerns regarding cybersecurity. Their mission is to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to clients and foster a culture of safe cyberspace usage to minimize disruptions to business and life. They aim to provide internet services that blend beauty with strength, ensuring safety from hackers and prying eyes. Cynical Technology was also recognised as one of the top 11 startups in Nepal’s ICT sector in 2019.

Cynical Technology offers cybersecurity services covering web and mobile app security testing, network vulnerability assessments, incident response, and training. They prioritize securing content management systems and web services, following secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) guidelines for solid protection.

6. ThreatNix

ThreatNix is another cybersecurity company in Nepal who are actively engaged in cybersecurity. ThreatNix also manages Threat Con which is a series of annual international security conventions which brings different cybersecurity professionals to teach and share about the things happening in the cybersecurity world.

ThreatNix provides a wide range of services including audits, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, custom tool development, incident response, managed cybersecurity, system audit, training, and patch management to enhance security posture and mitigate risks efficiently.

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