Curtis Waters’ come back with his new post-punk single, Manic Man

curtis waters
Screengrab via YouTube.

Kathmandu, May 3 

Nepali-born artist and producer Curtis Waters has released a video for his post-punk single, Manic Man.

Set in his childhood hometown of Vancouver, the visual dives deep into the 21-year old’s struggle with bipolar disorder through an action-sequence that includes unknown spies, stolen cars, and treacherous caves.

Led by a haunting guitar rhythm and gritty drums, Manic Man showcases the artist’s versatility with an addictive punk rock-inspired chorus between punchy, vulnerable verses driving the track.

The Ethan Johnson-directed music video chaotically depicts Curtis Waters wrestling with his own self, running away from guilt, and fighting the urge to be consumed by ego.

“I came up with the idea for this song when I was 15. It’s about my feelings of depression, guilt, self-hatred and fear of failure but also the manic feelings where I feel like I can do anything,” says Curtis Waters.

Following over a billion streams on his debut single Stunnin‘, Manic Man reflects a wildly imaginative artist finding his own voice despite rapid viral success. The single is the first of his forthcoming album, an immigrant story reflecting on a life-long pursuit of success and fame, and the consequences that follow. Curtis Waters is producing the album alongside close collaborators: Aly Lakhani, Shrimp, and Beep.

He notes, “Growing up I felt really scared and didn’t know who I could talk to about what I was going through. But I’ve gotten better at articulating my emotions and I’m able to make music that I needed to hear as a confused kid.”

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